Easy Ways to Clean Your Mirrors

Cleaning your mirrors to attain a bright look can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Getting rid of the streaks, smudges, and smears can be tiresome. Whether it’s the bathroom mirrors or the hallway mirror that has been smudged with fingerprints, keeping them clean should not be a hassle. If you have tried to keep them clean but feel they are not yet at perfection, you can hire the services of professional window cleaning services to give them that bright look.


However, with the right tools and cleaning solutions, you can easily give your mirrors a sparkle. Some recommendable residential cleaners for mirrors that are chemical-free and non-toxic include the following.


  1. Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol is 70% effective in cleaning mirrors. It is available in grocery stores and pharmacies. If you are worried about how much it will cost you to acquire it, rest assured that it is economically affordable.


It works by eliminating hairspray stickiness and other streak buildups. It is a highly volatile liquid, and as such, you should wet a clean piece of cloth with it and use it to wipe your mirrors. Apply a little pressure to rub off more stubborn residue. You can also use it to eliminate glue residue, stains from natural fibers, and dried ink from wood.


  1. Distilled Vinegar

White vinegar is a must-have in most households. It is a natural cleaner that is safe for use and quite harmless. You can use it on mirrors, stainless steel, and sink drains without causing any damage. For the best results, mix one part of vinegar to one part of water to make a cleaning solution. You spray the solution directly on the mirrors or onto a clean cloth and wipe the mirrors clean eliminating all smudges, streaks, and smears.


  1. Microfiber Cloths

A microfiber cloth makes for a quick fix of your mirrors if you do not have much time to do a thorough clean up. Microfiber cloth is made of nylon and polyester, and the advantage is that it creates a static charge as you move it across the mirror, allowing it to pick any dirt particles.


You will be happy to know that a microfiber cloth does a better job than a paper towel in removing streaks without the need of use of additional cleaners. You only need to swipe the fabric in even strokes to avoid creating smears on the surface.



Cleaning mirrors can be a hard task if you do not know the right tools or cleaning solutions to use. Experts recommend the use of vinegar and isopropyl alcohol in the right proportions to effortlessly get rid of smears and smudges.


You can also use the microfiber cloth to clean your windows. It does not require any additional cleaning materials or solution as it works best if you use even strokes to wipe your mirrors. If you are short of time and have a couple of mirrors to clean, employ the services of a professional window cleaner.


Benefits of Removing Window Screens during the Fall Season

Benefits of Removing Window Screens during the Fall Season



It is essential to have window screens in homes for the obvious reasons like keeping away bugs, insects, dirt and natural trash out. It is also vital to remove your window screens during the fall season, and there are benefits that come with doing so.

The winter and fall seasons are ideal times for the windows to breathe and allow for window screens cleaning. Having the window displays off during this time is like dressing down for people in a hot season.

There are many benefits of removing your window screens in the fall season. Listed are some of the main benefits that come with this.

  1. Easy or Improved Visibility

Windows let in light easily without the screens, allowing for improved lighting within the house and allowing you to enjoy the landscape views and what is on the yard.

  1. Replace Screens With Storm Windows

It is vital to replace window screens with storm windows where possible. Storm windows create a thermal barrier improving insulation properties that help to keep the air in your house heated.

  1. Improved Solar Heat Gain

Solar energy heating naturally increases the heat that is in the room through the window. This solar heat gain can drastically reduce the weight on the home heating system and save you cash on heating bills. This eases the workload on the home heating system too.

  1. Fewer Window Stains and Screen Damage

Water and moisture can cause corrosion on the screens damage and stains on the windows, as well as the frames, and sills. Fall and winter seasons can be harsh on the screens and the windows. You can consider storm windows where appropriate.

  1. Easier to Clean Windows During Wintry Conditions

It is easier to clean the windows during the fall and winter seasons. The seasons can require more cleaning sessions than other times, but it is easier to clean the windows of winter grime and natural trash. It also makes for an excellent time to clean the window screens.

  1. Keeping Snow and Ice Away from the Windows

Removing the window screens help reduce damage to the window frames, sills and the screen caused by snowstorms. The filters cause snow and natural debris to stick between screens and windows. Let the screens rest during these seasons and have them back as soon as spring comes calling.



Removing the window screens in the fall season has many benefits than you would think. Removing them during the fall season and putting them back during the spring season might seem like a lot of work, but it is worth the benefits.

Removing your window screens during fall can save you a lot from your screens wear and tear, money bills on home heating, as well as staining your window glass. If you cannot remove the filters and clean them personally, hire the services of professional window cleaning services. Remember that these companies are always ready to come to your rescue to help with your window issues.


How to Vet a Window Cleaning Company

How to Vet a Window Cleaning Company

Once you have determined your windows need cleaning, the next step is to contact a window cleaning company. However, this is not as easy as it sounds, for not all window cleaning companies are competent. Unscrupulous business people have joined the window cleaning industry to make money, not to deliver quality services. That is why before you decide which cleaning company to select, seek more information from reviewers on these factors:

Efficient Staff

How are the staff? If the company is going to send workers to your premises or residential home, you have to be concerned about the type of people they have as employees. Are they friendly? Do they listen to and follow instructions or they just operate in their own world as they wish? Since it is you being served, you are entitled to influence how the work is done.

Also, you do not want to put up with unfriendly, vulgar people in your residential home. If they talk carelessly, they may be a bad influence on your children. You might bring in criminals if you don’t take your time to seek more information.  Look for a company with professional, well-trained, enthusiastic, attentive and pro-active cleaners.

Adequate supplies

Find out if the company has sufficient cleaning materials. Some companies advertise services they are not capable of delivering. The result is a sub-standard job for you. A window cleaning company should have basic supplies like utility water buckets, squeegees ladders, mops, sponges, bottle sprayers, high-quality detergent amongst others.

Cleaning Methods

You may also want to know how they clean the windows. Do they use old techniques or they have embraced modern, improved methods of removing stains? There is much research going on, and many more effective ways of cleaning are coming up. Find out if the company is up to date with the latest methods.

Turn around time

You could be having a window cleaning job you want to be done at short notice. Maybe some guests you didn’t expect are turning up shortly at your residential home or the commercial premise. You want to impress, but the windows are not in good condition. In which case you will want a company that can respond as soon as possible to execute the order in time.

Extra Services

Apart from window cleaning, what else does the company offer? You may have stained windows and also stained walls. It is good to go for the cleaning company that provides extra services like repairing or replacing broken windows, cleaning the carpets, cleaning the ceiling, painting windows to protect the exposed metals from rusting and any other cleaning that may come up. It is better to pay extra but have everything cleaned.

Safety Measures

The last thing you want is to witness an accident at your residential home or the commercial premise because the cleaners didn’t take necessary safety measures. Maybe a scaffold has collapsed on the workers, injuring them, or on your family members. Before selecting a window cleaning company, check their safety measures and accident history. If the accident frequency is high, you will do yourself an excellent service to give them a wide berth.

Fair Charges

Since some companies are out to exploit the unsuspecting, less-informed customers, you should find out what the standard window cleaning charges are versus the quality of work done.


With all that said, make sure you don’t exploit the cleaners too, by paying them less than their hard work deserves, giving vague instructions or coming up with too many new orders that were not in the original request yet paying nothing extra. Kindly pay for the additional services, if necessary.